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Revitalise your body and mind in our Spa

The Bahiazul Resort Fuerteventura Spa is an oriental-style sanctuary for the senses, an oasis of wellness for the body. From the lighting and decoration to the smells and sounds, everything is designed to take you to a world of sensations where you can connect body, mind and spirit.

The treatment area consists of fully-equipped oriental-style rooms for 1 and double rooms for couples to enjoy the treatments together. We offer a space dedicated to holistic rejuvenation, where the traditions of Eastern and Western cultures take centre stage. Discover ancient treatments from all corners of the world in a contemporary, peaceful and relaxing environment.

Our therapists are experts in holistic wellness techniques to promote balance between body and mind, making each therapy an unforgettable experience. Choose from our selection of Spa services between natural beauty treatments and massages, both including the use of salts, herbs, spices, algae and aromatic oils used since ancient times.

The Bahiazul Resort Fuerteventura Spa is committed to natural cosmetics. All our products have been carefully selected to ensure the maximum quality of their ingredients and guarantee revitalisation and recovery of balance, release of tension and restoration of peace and harmony. Our spa body and facial treatments are created from the synergies of Aloe Vera, seaweed extracts and essential oils extracted from flowers and herbs:

Regional products: Fuerteventura’s natural resources give added value to rest and health: Aloe Vera cultivation fields, volcanic stone, treatments with salts from Antigua or with Malvasia grapes…

Our treatment cabins are built in wood in the purest Balinese style. Pamper your body in the wellness circuit and enjoy the Turkish bath, hydromassage, sauna and sensation shower. As a finishing touch, you can relax drinking an aromatic tea or herbal infusion in the lounge.

Spa opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: from 10:00 to 18:00.

Our massages and treatments

Fitness club

Take care of yourself during a stay with our facilities

Our Fitness Centre has a weights area with elliptical trainer, treadmill and rowing machine among others, as well as an aerobic and stretching area for you to take care of yourself on holiday too.

Fitness timetable:

Every day, from 8:00 to 20:00.