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Water sports in Fuerteventura

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Fuerteventura, is an island famous for its wind and waves. A Mecca for water sports enthusiasts with Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing, and now also Foil and Wing foil.

The best period for wind sports

Fuerteventura is an island of eternal spring. The seasons we have here we can divide them into the windy season and no windy season. From May till the end of August is when the alisios trade wind hits the island and we can enjoy sports like Kite surfing, Windsurfing, and Wing Foil to the fullest!

The closest spot- FlagBeach is situated just 4km away from Bahiazul. It’s a perfect place for riders of all levels. A bit further south you can find Glass Beach, a place for wave lovers, which also works pretty well throughout the summer. 

Sport events in Bahiazul Fuerteventura Resort

This May, Bahiazul organized a KiteCamp with the 2 best female riders Jalou Langeree (3 times world champion in kiteboarding), and Catharina Edin (vice- world champion in kiteboarding)

The participants of our Camp enjoyed the windy waters of Fuerteventura and all the services that Bahiazul could offer. As the villas are spacious, they are perfect to keep the gear. The possibility of parking your car close to the villa makes it easy when it comes to packing the equipment.

Stay tuned for other sports activities that we plan to organize in the future, and also book your Kite, Wing Foil, or Windsurf course through Bahiazul.

Kite Surf Camp in Bahiazul

Windsurf World Cup

Fuerteventura is a host of Windsurf World Cup, which has been organized for 35 years in a row! Now also the Kiteboarding World Cup is being celebrated (since 2001), which always takes place in the summer (the windiest season). Here we need to highlight the Playa Sotavento” where the event takes place. Sotavento is a 5km long sandy beach, on the southeast coast of Fuerteventura and it’s the windiest beach on the island! This year the event will be held on 22.07-6.08.

Sotavento Beach

The longest wave in Europe

At the beginning of September, the alisios trade winds finish, the surf season kicks in. Also during the summer you can find spots which are more sheltered from the wind and have really nice waves, but it’s above all between September and December that the surf is most glassy!

All the best spots are situated in the north of Fuerteventura so you can find them within a distance of maximum 20min drive from Bahiazul. Also, you can take a water taxi to the surf spot of Lobos island, where you can find the longest right wave in Europe! Remember to go there with the sunrise to avoid the crowds!

As you can see Fuerteventura is much more than just spectacular beaches and amazing landscapes. If you love water sports it is the place for you. The great news is that you can enjoy it with your family, friends, or solo. Bahiazul can guide you to find the best experience for you!

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